The Weather Channel is a free weather viewing application that displays information not only about the region of the user’s residence, but also about any location on the planet. The app is downloaded over 500,000 times and its average score is 4.3. You can easily download it on your smartphone or tablet.


This program regularly changes the background on the home screen depending on weather, location and time of day. The forecast is for 15 days. In addition to temperature and precipitation, the program will tell you about such factors as:

  • dew level;
  • quantity of ulterior flow;
  • wind speed;
  • atmospheric pressure;
  • time of sunrise and sunset.

Also, there is a section with a temperature that is felt by the human body, but differs from the real one. Also, you can study the data for the past few days. In some regions, information on water temperature, snow thickness, coming storms and snowstorms complements the classic type of information. If the user activates alerts, The Weather Channel will inform him of possible negative weather in time.

All the basic information is on the home screen , and it includes current weather data and a description for the next 3 days. You can click on the detailed weather forecast and get the most accurate information on each of the nearest time periods, as well as weather information for the next 36 hours and the schedule for next 10 days. On the second screen, there is a radar map of the terrain. You can customise the unique display of your information that you like, such as clouds. The weather label will be visible over any location, even over the meadows.

In the section «Video», you will see interesting videos about the weather in the world. The «menu» section will show you all the other sections, and also, you can go to the parameters or service «Iwitness Photo». In the settings, you can easily select a metric system, connect a weather-dependent background or geolocation. In the United States and Europe, warnings of possible negative weather events are also being set.

The Weather Channel

Strengths and weaknesses

The main strength of this program is that almost all the information is available immediately on the home screen. On the start bar, information about temperature and precipitation indicate. Scrolling through the page below, you will be able to see a detailed forecast of the clock and a few days ahead. Their accuracy is as high as possible. Here are other strengths:

  • massive search;
  • section with popular videos;
  • availability of widget for Android;
  • location;
  • forecasts for one hour, 36 hours and 10 days;
  • beautiful minimalist design;
  • ability to save location;
  • you can recognize the weather anywhere on the planet;
  • automatic or manual selection of the locality;
  • bad weather warnings (in some countries);
  • animated radar maps with Google Maps capabilities;
  • notification line with current temperature, weather warning indicator;
  • «Find me» function, which shows the location and weather in the current area.

Another strength of the programme is that it is free. The detailed features of this forecast Social Weather built-in service increases. Other users replenish its database with their personal comments, and their rating indicates in a separate indicator on the map. The main weakness of the program is that for lack of advertising and some useful features you will have to pay extra. Also, this app quickly discharges the battery and occasionally produces incorrect predictions.


The Weather Channel is a minimalist application that has any necessary weather information. It tracks the location and helps users add any cities from the list. It has no significant differences from competitors and will suit those people who prefer not to see the abundance of bright pictures on the screen of their smartphone and want to quickly view all the data on the home display.