At the end of 2022, we can summarise and name a few games that have become popular. We can not fail to notice the fact that these are not legendary projects that all users dream about. On the contrary, these are beautiful original games that have not yet become popular among gamers, but which differ in detail and beautiful stories.

Best games of 2022

  1. Metroid Dread is the second part of the legendary 2D shooter in which you are to fight alien monsters. This game has gained wide popularity among gamers familiar with the series since its first appearance. But many others have missed this masterpiece, which pleases some gamers with detailed levels, lots of secrets, honest gameplay, and perfect controls.
  2. Kena: Bridge of Spirits. It’s a product of a fresh and little-known studio, and it’s the unpopular position of this developer that’s still keeping this project within a little notoriety. Business is that Kena world has a wonderful visual part that action-adventure and gameplay make so attractive.
  3. It Takes Two. If there is a gamer who doesn’t know a man named Josef Fares and the results of his work, then this cooperative adventure project called It Takes Two will allow him or her to fix it. This game primarily surprises all gamers by its creativity. It has different levels and at the same time qualitatively made, so that at the first moment we can hardly believe that the same people created them. But, there are some weaknesses too. This game has a very boring script, which did not allow this project to become very popular. However, It Takes Two demonstrates very detailed gameplay and an amazing world, and so you can hardly pass up such a game without interest and with scepticism. Better try this game, and you will see for yourself.

    It Takes Two
  4. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut. is a game that is stunning in beauty and depth role-playing, in which professional actors and musicians were involved. As a result, the characters and the music are of high quality and attract millions of fans. The visual component is also very good there, as a result of which this project may well have fought for the title of one of the best ones, but a large number of bugs spoiled the impression of gamers from this project. Despite the fact that the developers quickly began to release patches to remedy the situation, this did not allow Disco Elysium to become popular as something grand.
  5. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the major surprises of the past year. First of all, the fact contributed to this, that no gamer expected anything interesting from this game. In addition, the latest Avengers film has become very boring and uninteresting, and therefore even fans of the Marvel Universe were waiting for another passing project that will not surprise them. But Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy surprised everyone and now, it may well compete for the title of one of the best games of 2021. The developers have clearly tried and any gamer can see that they have put all their soul into this project. So, they were able to offer gamers an excellent plot, an excellent soundtrack and beautiful visual effects, as well as interesting and fun characters.
  6. Many users were waiting for the release of this project, as the studio created this, which gave the world such masterpieces as Prey and Dishonored. But after the release, people never understood what this game was about. The mark-ologists were to blame, who literally cheated the gamers, who waited for one project and got something else, and so they became very angry. However, if we analyse Deathloop objectively, we will immediately realise that this is one of the best games of this studio, which has an interesting plot and fascinating gameplay. However, the developers once again managed to create an unusual view on what a first-person shooter might be.

Meanwhile, after a large amount appeared for PCs, smartphones also received some projects. Among them, these are games that you can find on special web platforms. They will help you to start some useful android apk downloads.