Collecting a backpack is one of the most important stages of preparation for the trip. From how it will be assembled, the quality of life of the tourist in nature will depend. We want to tell you about the actual rules that will help you to cope with this task. You will know how to assemble a backpack into a hike, and will not forget at home any important stuff.

List for hike

You should choose your free time, sit down and write a list of things that you will take with you on a hike. Most likely, you will be adding to the list later when you remember other components. The sooner you write everything you need to take with you, the fewer things you will forget at home. Also, at this stage, you can eliminate the collection of excess items that will not be needed in your backpack and will only be interfered with due to their weight.

Correct arrangement of items

At first glance, the process of stacking items is easy and fast, but this fact is refuted by practice. There are many requirements you need to follow so you can travel light with all the items you need. The most important of them is to put a sleeping bag on the bottom of the backpack. It should be packed in a separate sealed bag or bag. Around this, you should place light items such as down jackets, shoes and warm socks.

Also, there is such a requirement, according to which all experienced tourists put heavy items into the backpack from the back. These items include food segments and equipment such as a boiler, tent and axe. All these things must be on the back of the tourist so his or her backpack was heavy enough. With such an arrangement of items in the backpack, it will be easy to travel on foot.

Rules for backpack equipment

You should choose clothing from durable and lightweight materials that dry quickly when you are going on a long journey in the wild. The volume of clothing is of great importance. So, clothing should be hermetically sealed and compressed to a minimum size. This is how you will be able to accommodate in your backpack as many clothes as possible. Each item must be in a separate package to make it convenient for you to retrieve it. We recommend you to fold your clothes into a backpack in the form of cushions.


Small items

If you do not want to lose small items in your backpack, then you should put them in your pockets from the outside and inside. Hand flashlights, dishes, documents, camera, phone, money and toiletry bags are small items. Also, the knife and first aid kit are mandatory things for your future trip. You should take the hike only with first aid items.

All things should be in the backpack

If you do not want to lose some things in nature, then you should not attach them to the backpack outside. This rule applies to the sleeping bag, which most tourists put separately. Also, people tie seats on a backpack that the wind tears off during the hike. The same applies to mugs, flasks and cauldrons, which should not hang on the backpack like Christmas toys, because they can get lost or scratched on the tree. They also make your appearance sloppy.

Forget about regular things

We told you how to properly lay the tourist backpack. However, you should also learn about which subjects you should avoid when preparing for a journey. Among them are ebooks and tablets, as they will prevent you from enjoying the beauty of wildlife. We advise you to leave your denim clothes at home, as it will not protect you from the cold, but will weigh your backpack, especially when wet. Cleaning supplies and cosmetics are also unnecessary things for hiking. Your backpack should be as light as possible and accommodate only the most necessary items.