India is among the most amazing countries in South Asia. It is the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations, the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism, and the second most populous country in the world. Also, every year, India attracts millions of tourists. They want to see this colourful country, make incredible discoveries here and get to know the secrets that the Indian people keep.

Why people come to India

India is also the most mysterious country in the world. It amazes travellers with the colours and aromas that exist there, and also surprises people with a lot of traditions that may even shock us, but the inhabitants still observe them for many centuries. There are many contrasts in India. You will find noisy bazaars and shacks lying there, which are adjacent to the majestic temples and ancient palaces. And all these wonders unfold against the background of magnificent landscapes with fascinating mountain peaks, mysterious jungles and sunny beaches. It’s beautiful and exciting.

Many people from all over the world come here in search of enlightenment as India helps them change thinking that in the West is hasty and stressful. In the East, it’s calm and slow contemplation. In addition, tourists can sunbathe and swim there, as well as ride on surfboards and learn the basic principles of yoga. India is thus in perfect harmony with modern reality, even in spite of the country’s vast history, which began many centuries ago.

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New Delhi

Resorts and regions

There are some cities that you should visit if you are planning a trip to India:

  1. New Delhi is the capital of India, which displays contradictions in literally every urban reality. In Delhi, there are many attractions worthy of your time to explore.
  2. Agra is a city where tourists come to see first-hand the famous temple of the Taj Mahal. But there are many other interesting sights like the Red Fort, the City of Mosques and others.
  3. Mumbai, or Bombay, is a city larger than Delhi. Also, every person who has watched an Indian movie will recognize this city because Bombay is the capital of Bollywood. Apne TV app will help you enjoy watching Indian movies in Hindi with English subtitles. If you do not have the opportunity to visit India, then Indian films will help you study this country of contrasts at a decent level.
  4. Calcutta is a city with many European-style buildings that remind us that India has long been a colony of Britain.

Also, in India, there are several popular resorts that you probably want to see. Among them is Goa. Downshifters from all over the world come here to relax and swim in the sea. Goa consists of two parts, the southern and northern ones. One of them, which is in the north, has a lot of noisy places, and therefore it attracts young people who come with little money but bold aspirations. There’s a lot of laughter, parties, loud talks and music. You can install a Fildo program on your smartphone so you can listen to music and not feel discomfort from outside noise. In this way, you can start free download applications for Android, that extend the regular capabilities of smartphones and tablets.

However, we should finish our story about Goa. There is also the southern part of this resort, which has other vibes, such as bourgeois and balanced, which will surely appeal to rich travellers. However, Goa is not the only resort we can advise you on. You should also visit the resort called Keralam. Here, it is an amazing and many opportunities for healing your body and soul. White sand beaches and coconut palms combine perfectly here with ayurveda and excursions to amazing places.