Modern man has become so dependent on digital technology that even his work and rest began to use a computer or other modern device. To relax, each of us uses what he can. Some users use the Zoshy Movie app, to watch movies. Someone likes the game more, and in this article, we describe the most unusual game projects, some of which we can hardly call games in the usual sense of the word, because they resemble visual meditation without having to solve anyIt’s a challenge, or it’s a goal to achieve every second. Such masterpieces will suit all people without exception, because they manage to touch the most distant corners of our souls.

ABZU: relax on the bottom of the ocean

You can watch the river flow for as long as you want. Besides, the developers of ABZU understood this. That’s why they came up with an even more interesting exercise, which is to put on a scuba suit and go down to the sea floor. That is, you will be far from the usual bustle and stress.

We cannot talk about ABZU as a game in the usual sense of the term. It would be more appropriate to call it an interactive ocean exploration process. There, you will not encounter any enemies or dangerous predators who would like to eat a visitor to the deep sea. On the contrary, the gameplay of this project will relax you and make you calm down, forget any excitement and plunge into the ocean of tranquillity.


This is another meditative project that we cannot call like a regular game. The user has to become a flower who decides to try Flower. But only first. Then it will be picked up by a wind that will spin in the air and carry it far away. By controlling the flow of wind, the user can flash over fields and forests, see landscapes of unparalleled beauty, pick up other petals and a beautiful plume fly and spin through the air. However, we believe that describing the Flower gameplay is a useless exercise that will not convey all the strengths that this game has. You should install Flower and evaluate this program yourself.

Zoshy Movie app


Perhaps this is also one of those products that look like games but are not, and Journey is a very popular one. You should get acquainted with this if you are experiencing stress or just want to relax. Even if you look at the world of Journey for a very short time, you immediately feel how your thoughts are slowing down, becoming more friendly, and also, your emotional background will become more soft.

Given how many bad things happen in the world almost every day, it will be very useful for you to use such an app from time to time. In Journey, there are many peace factors, such as visual and fascinating sound and music, as well as meditative gameplay. The essence of this gameplay is to travel through the desert. Despite the fact that there are other characters who are unfriendly, as well as a variety of riddles, all this will not cause you any tension.

FAR: Changing Tide

In this game, gamers will plunge into the atmosphere of a world that has experienced a terrible tragedy. It is almost all flooded, and therefore people live literally on the waters. The main character is to live on a narrow boat, move on the water and find survivors of the Flood. It seems that this post-apocalyptic setting is not conducive to relaxation, but it is not.

The gameplay was slow and very meditative. After your character goes on an adventure, he or she will solve many logical problems, track the weight of the ship and overcome various obstacles. All this makes your brain move, but does not cause any special difficulties, and does not cause a sense of irritation.