Weather apps help users plan their workday, find the right clothes, and even choose the perfect time for their vacation. The best apps provide hourly weather descriptions and are updated regularly. In our ranking, there are programs that are popular worldwide.

Weather Underground

This is an app with one of the most accurate and detailed forecasts for 10 days. It has a simplified design and at the same time all the necessary functions, including subjective temperature. They help users to learn the program with comfort and interest. On the map, you will immediately see the user’s location and weather conditions in this area. Weather Underground sends out weather alerts.

The feature of the application is that here, you can view webcam recordings, reviews of other users and information obtained from radar, satellites. On the map, you can immediately monitor the situation with such phenomena as fires and regions with potentially dangerous weather conditions. You can also learn about all natural phenomena, such as the phases of the moon.


This is a high-precision American app, and media around the world often use this program. The forecast for the day is presented in the form of graphics. You can easily enter the calendar and study the weather conditions for the next two weeks. You will also be able to save up to seven cities, in addition to the current location, and switch between them with one finger motion.

The program is updated every hour. Additional features of this app is an interactive map, radar, alerts and even forecasts for individual sports. This widget is informative, and it includes any of the most important information such as temperature, humidity, and state of the sky.

The Weather Channel

You can view the forecast for 10 days. Shows not only the real, but also the subjective temperature. In some locations, The Weather Channel will show additional data, such as water temperature. In some locations, The Weather Channel will show additional data, such as water temperature.

This program has a beautiful design and background picture, which varies depending on the specified city, current weather and time of day. There is also a unique radar map and weather video. In the US and European countries, this app sends out warnings about natural phenomena.


With this app, you will be able to study the weather in real time anywhere in the world. The maximum forecast is one that for 9 days. You can save up to 10 cities and use three different themes. If you specify your email or social media account, 1Weather will regularly send you news about the weather in your city. The probability of rainfall for the next week is expressed by interest.


GO Weather EX

This is a rudimentary program that barely occupies a place in your smartphone, but it has an undeniable advantage, such as viewing the forecast for a week in advance for 2 million. cities. The current screensaver illustrates the weather outside the window. The temperature is listed and graphed in this program, and you will be comfortable using this app. In addition to standard indicators, GO Weather EX allows you to learn about visibility and UV indicators. This program warns about dangerous conditions such as hail or hurricanes.

Yahoo Weather

This program accurately displays the weather and additional information, such as the number of ultraviolet lights and the time of sunset. You can customise your notification and set the settings limit if this program will be too burdensome for your smartphone or tablet.

Yahoo Weather has a nice design and widgets that integrate with smartphone launchers. If you have a photo of the specified city with the appropriate weather in your database, it will become the background for the home page. However, there is many ads and this is the reason why this application is glitchy.

Eye In Sky Weather

It is a unique program with a variety of decorations. There are many sets of icons, different sized customizable widgets. Weather reports for the next two weeks and even sections such as real and subjective temperature are available. In addition, you can easily learn about precipitation, humidity, pressure and wind. There are no restrictions on the number of cities saved.

Bright Weather

This app has a minimalist design. You will immediately be able to access a map, one-week forecast and even hourly weather forecast for the current day. The background screen saver is updated daily and each user can get two widgets. However, there are many ads, but you can get rid of this only if you buy a special subscription in this program.