Many of our memories and moments that we would like to keep for many years are related to photographs. However, many of us went through times when we accidentally deleted our photos. The reason for this could be many factors, such as inattentiveness or technical problems. So, those important images disappeared without a trace. For many, such an event becomes a real tragedy.

Some modern devices can lead the user to delete files, including photos. However, this does not always mean their complete disappearance. The data remains on the drive until its place is occupied by other information. This is the basic principle that all programs use to recover deleted photos from your phone. Thanks to this mechanism, valuable photographs and additional valuable information can be saved.

Apps to recover deleted photos from your phone: five best ones

  • DiskDigger Photo Recovery is the perfect assistant in moments of panic. With this program, you can recover photos and other types of files. Among the strengths of this program are the simple interface and the ability to deep scan device memory. However, you should consider that the complete feature set is only available in the paid version.
  • Dr.Fone Data Recovery has such distinctive features as high efficiency and a large number of unique features. They not only recover deleted files but also help with operating system problems. Also, it has convenient tools for configuring lock mode and breaking your mobile device. Dr.Fone is unique because of its versatility. It has many tools to solve various problems with the user’s mobile device. However, you should only download this program if you are willing to pay for the subscription. There is no free version of this program.
  • Photo Recovery is a program that perfectly recovers deleted information. Each user will find a beautiful interface and a large set of tools for dynamic scanning. It is compatible with many operating devices, such as Android or iOS. Moreover, it will help you recover deleted photos in various formats, such as JPEG, PNG and RAW.
  • EaseUS MobiSaver refers to programs that are simple but effective. The process of operation of this program includes several steps. Among them are scanning, previewing and recovering information. In addition to its primary function, MobiSaver can also return deleted messages, contacts and documents. There is also such a bonus as the ability to create backups.
  • Undeleter is a unique program because it has fast algorithms and dynamic settings. This program is optimized for different operating systems and will cope with varying causes of data loss, such as accidental updates of smartphones or system failure. Despite the fact that its efficiency varies depending on the specific situation, for most users, this program has become a real helper in difficult times.
DiskDigger Photo Recovery
DiskDigger Photo Recovery

Some tips for using apps

  • Backup is the best way to protect your personal data from accidental deletion. We encourage you to back up your files regularly.
  • If you deleted the photo accidentally, you should take particular action immediately. The sooner you start the recovery process, the more possibilities you have to recover lost information successfully.
  • After deleting images, you should avoid using your device until the recovery is complete. This will help you reduce the risk of re-writing of storage.


Accidental deletion of photos or their loss due to technical failure is not always the total deletion of these files. You can get them back with special software and mobile operating system skills. You should choose a perfect app that will suit your needs. Also, you should not forget about valuable recommendations.