Soccer is one of the most widespread sports worldwide, and millions of people enjoy betting on matches of their favorite teams. Thanks to mobile apps, betting has become even more convenient and accessible anytime, anywhere. This post will examine the five best soccer betting apps you should download now.


Bet365 is one of the leading soccer betting apps that offers a wide range of bets on national and international championships and tournaments. Users can predict outcomes, corners, number of goals, and other game parameters.

The app features live streaming of matches on smartphones, providing real-time updates for quick responses to changes in the game. Bet365 also offers various bonuses and promotions to increase the chances of winning and make the earning process even more exciting.


1XBET is a popular soccer sports betting app that provides users the widest range of bets on current championships. The app allows users to profit from different outcomes, including win/loss/draw, number of goals, number of corners, and more. 1XBET offers bonuses and promotions to attract new customers, including a bonus on the first deposit and prize draws.

The app supports multiple deposit and withdrawal procedures, including cryptocurrencies, making it comfortable and convenient for users worldwide. Additionally, 1XBET provides predictions from experts to aid decision-making and an intuitive and user-friendly interface across multiple languages.


William Hill

William Hill is a reputable bookmaker offering a soccer betting app that provides a wide range of bets on international tournaments and national championships. It includes predictions on the final result, corners, number of goals, and more.

William Hill’s DNB (What does DNB mean in betting?) option increases success rates by allowing users to bet on the victory of one team and not lose money if the match ends in a draw. William Hill offers free bets, increased odds on some matches, and live streaming to make earning even more convenient and interesting.

Are there no disadvantages? Indeed, there is one. One of them is that DNB has lower odds than conventional bookmakers in return for the risklessness of a draw. Knowing what is DNB in soccer betting, we can move on.

Soccer betting


Betway offers a wide range of bets on competitions in various championships, including special predictions on individual players and events within the matches. Users can bet on results, number of goals, corners, yellow and red cards, and more.

Betway provides free forecasts from experts and welcome bonuses for new customers, ensuring a user-friendly interface, fast payouts, a high level of security, and a cash-out feature. The cash-out feature allows users to close their bets before the end of the match to minimize potential losses or lock in their winnings.



Pinnacle is one of the most respected and professional bookmakers worldwide. Pinnacle offers high odds on sports battles, including results, number of goals, corners, and more. The app provides statistics and analytics to help users make the most informed predictions, greatly increasing the likelihood of winning.

While many other soccer betting apps are available, choosing the best one depends on individual preferences and needs. However, with any of the above options, users can expect high-quality services, a wide range of events, and the opportunity to make a winning bet on their favorite team. It’s essential to gamble responsibly and set loss limits for the day, week, and month. Remember that gambling soccer can be dangerous to your health and financial situation.